patient complain of spicy food dye mouth last 1 year suggest diagnosis and treatment plan??


D/D: Xerostomia OSMF OLP
Agreed sir..

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Sir I go with osmf as one of the feature is activity increase with increase saliva and erythema ..which slowly decrease with decrease in saliva.. Increase fibrosis restriction of mouth opening resulting xerostomia.. Some time ulceration as pt forcefully try to open mouth which result in rupture of fibrous bands
Bms..or could be osmf..Tell patient to stop spicy food and tabacoo use..Oral prophylaxis should be done.multivitamin with antioxidant
Quit the tobacco habit in any form... It is indication of premalignant conditions.
Stiffened fibrotic band indicates OSMF.oral prophylaxis,tab SM fibro, .
Osmf....ask the pt to quit tobacco...what about mouth opening ? Doc.
Osmf Olp
OSMF and which grade is depends on mouth opening and fibrous bands location,,, check fibrous bands on labial mucosa also,,, in treatment quit the habit... Then relief the symptoms first by giving local analgesic agents like tantum mouthwash and also give topical anti fungal,,, then after treat the fibrous bands by local and systemic drugs,,, tab SM fibro is good if available there
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