95 yr old male, right cervical lymph node... FNAC..

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Poorly differentiated malignant tumor Adv. biopsy for typing

Mets? Squamous cell carcinoma

Plasmacytoid and atypical lymphoid.... apparently for lymphoma?

D/d- ?Metastatic ? NHL

Atypical cells. Dd. Metastatic deposits Lymphoma Sug.clinical correlation Imaging Excision biopsy and ihc

NHL DD Mets Adv-histopathology and IHC

Small particles are parasites(LD body) /platelets. /lympho glandular bodies?

D/D 1.NHL/ HD 2.Mets However, clinical evaluation ( lymphadenopathy, tumorous lesion if any) , CBC, biopsy and IHC for needful.

Large cell lymphoma

Suspicious for NHL

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