How may times a dialyser can be used for MHD??

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There is no set number of times that is considered safe for dialyzer reuse. As long as the TCV test shows that the dialyzer is working well, and the dialyzer looks clean, it should be safe for you to reuse your dialyzer. Ask your dialysis care team if they have tested your dialyzer and if it still works well.They usually use 3-4 times...but you hv to have trust in the dialysis centre that they following proper guidelines of disinfection of dialyser..... Dialyzers should be labeled carefully and always used for the same patient. Dialyzers should be tested after rinsing to make sure all disinfectants have been removed. Patients should be checked for any bad reactions caused by reuse. Dialyzers that are reused should be well-tested after each use to make sure they are still working well.
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