I have done a Non Randomized Control Study to see the impact of Yoga and Pranayam on Blood Pressure and Quality of Life as my thesis work for Masters of Public Health. In this study I have found that yoga and pranayam have significant impact on Blood Pressure, 1st and 2nd stage HTN Patient reduced there Blood Pressure with practice of Yoga and Pranayam. I have advised Suryanamashkar and Anulom Viloma for 20 minutes, Study period was 12 month. This study not only reduced the Blood Pressure but also improved the quality of life, I have collected data using standard WHOQOL (WHO Quality of Life) Bref in four domains, Physical, Socio Economic, Mental and Psychological aspects..... Title of my study is : Impact of Yoga and Pranayam on Blood Pressure and Quality of Life on non teaching staff in two institutes under KLE University - A Non Randomized Control Trial. Very Happy to submit my thesis work for evaluation, It was 1st Scientific Ayurvedic Study conducted in MBBS college (JNMC Belagavi, KLE University) Regards Dr. Hemant Adhikari


Congratulations sir...that's really a good work@@Dr. Hemant Adhikari
Thanks @Dr. Mansi Singh ma'am
Congratulation Dr Adikari.ldo also want to share my experiences regarding this. As the poorva karma has its great importance for panch karm therapy, same is with yog-rather with every aspect of therapeutic. I do have unquestioned experiences that Yam &Niyam play a vital & positive role for yog beginner's ..to restore mental as well as physical tranquility. In some cases they are more beneficial.
Thanks for sharing your views @Dr. Shree Kant Trivedi sir
Its a grt work Dr. A very much helpful topic in the current scenario to workout. Its an essential study on one of the latest trending life style disorder across the globe. This will give a grt boost to Ayurveda n yoga thru which the patients with HTN can nw give up all medication n have a peaceful n healthy life.
Thank you sir....
I also try so many people only given caster oil 30 ml with warm water / milk/ 2-3 loose motion N see normal BP constipation remove toxine with coster oil.
Thanks for sharing your experience sir
Congratulations sir thats really a good work yoga pranayam, surya namaskar can really help in lowering bp @Dr. Hemant Adhikari
Thanks @Dr. Ankit Agarwal ji
Congratulations.. Sir My father is also an example your work His bp is controlled by yoga & pranayam from last 10 year s
That's great....
@Dr. Hemant Adhikari Sir! Keep it up. Yes Pranayam and Shavasana can bring down BP.
Thank you sir
Good work dr Hemanth. Keep it up, but one thing on that book July 2018,,why in advance you wrote that?
Sir I have submitted this thesis for my final exam evaluation in july 2018, soon I am going to publish a research paper on the same.....
@Dr. Hemant Adhikari sir. Great achievement. Keep it up. Congratulations.
Thank you @Dr. S.c Kumar sir
It means yoga can't manage patients of high stage and malignant hypertension.......
Yes, alone yoga can't help at that stage....
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