30 yr male itching and pain this region plz diagnose and treatment


Keloid.. RX.. Antihistaminics for itching.. Topical cryoanesthesia with steroid injection for pain management .. SURGICAL as well Laser treatment is useful
Thanks Dr Skand Mishra

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Keloid Infiltratiin of inj kenacort in lesion Veneza cream for local application and tab Allegra 120 hs for itching
Thank you Dr Partha Sarathi Sahana Sir Ji
Keloid. Oint contractubex massage. Injection triamcinolne. If does not work injection triamcinolne mix with injection 5 fluorouracil. Lasers with steroid topically. Surgery should be preferably avoided.
These are HT SCARS It requires multimodality approach Intralesional Triamcinolone injection and silicone gel shee t Pressure garments Message with Mometasone
Keloid. Local application of Betnovate ointment completely relieves symptoms but keloid remains and becomes flat gradually in due course.
Its a keloid ,i think,treatment is excision after 2 week of injecting triamcinolone,and corticosteroid
Keloid Infiltration of kenacort in lesion Steroid topically helps Preferably avoid surgery
Keloid Antihistaminic foritching Locally steroid injs. Laser is benefitial
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