COVID Discharge

COVID discharge 76 y/o M with dementia, prior MRSA septic arthritis maintained on suppressive doxy, dementia and a stage IV sacral wound admitted with cough, found to have COVID pneumonia. He was treated with 5 days Azithro/hydroxychloroquine and max O2 requirement was 4 L NC. He was discharged after 20 days. One would think the mortality rate would be very high in someone this old and frail. First image is CXR on admission, second is hospital day 11



Mortality rate in old age and chr disease pts are as suggested various reports published by various authorities in COVID 19 case but replace is common in recovered pt therefore all protocols and regular and constant monitoring required.
Thanks Dr AK Sharma.

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Xray chest do suggest paracardiac pneumonitis rt side and mild haziness lt side Not specific picture of covid19 Though pt found +ve He has comorbidies Lucky enough to comeout of it
I agree.

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Great job done... really come out from COVID-19 at the age of 76years with multiple complications... congrats...
Thanks Dr. Dinesh Gupta
It is not specific to covid. Cardiac pt treat accondingly
Pt recovered from COVID Monitor ing is required
What we may find is vulnerabilities in certain populations that allows the penetrance of COVId going from a mild/mod to severe/critical/fatal through genetics, or something akin to the blood brain barrier. Part of the uncertainty is likely what is compelling people who otherwise wouldnt exercise physical distancing, to do it. If it was a specific type of person, we wouldnt have the cohesion we are
Yes mam as per the current scenario mortality rate is much higher in older patients but it's more higher for those having diabetes/htn disorders associated with them. Well managed mam.. congratulations.
Known pt of sars covid19 treatment is successful trace contact& qurantine
Congratulations on his recovery
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