What is the Formula to calculate the doses of various forms of insulin?

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This is one important question, answer for which everyone must know Insulin has variable effect in each and every individual One patient may require very high dose of insulin, and another patient may go in severe hypoglycemia with very low dose of insulin. Response to Insulin in different patients is highly variable. Therefore, there are no rules. One has to individualize treatment in each patient depending on response Always start with low dose and monitor blood sugar, then gradually increase the dose Always teach every patient about, signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia and it's treatment, they should carry glucose and sugar articles with then incase if they have hypoglycemia they can consume it
There is no formula to initially insulin it depends on weight ..for example basal insulin usually 0.2 to 0.5 u/kg and premix insulin calculate 24 hours insulin and divide the insulin into 70 / 30 ratio 70%should be given in the morning and remaining in the evening......for those who are on pump therapy there we need to calculate the dose accordingly and we need to give bolus according to carbohydrate ratio ,some times we need to increase the dose acc to blood sugar to get desired targets
The general calculation for the body's daily insulin requirement is: Total Daily Insulin (TDI) Requirement (in units of insulin) = Weight in Pounds ÷ 4. Basal/background insulin dose = 50% of TDI.

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