Is Diabetes a reason for low sperm count? How to treat someone with low sperm count plus Diabetes ?

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Prolonged and uncontrolled Diabetes in men may cause low testosterone levels which can reduce fertility such as low sperm count, erectile dysfunction and decreased sex drive. In type 1 DM more DNA damage occur in sperm leads to infertility , a small study findings. There are so many causes for low sperm count other than Diabetes. Heavy Alcohol consumption Heavy Smoking Obesity Drugs like steroids, marjuana, opioids etc. Heavy exercise Depression Stress Long periods of sitting Varicocele Infection. Investigations are Semen analysis USG abdomen and pelvis Hormonal assay for testosterone Biopsy of Testes Treatment is Meticulous control of Diabetes Treat any other cause associated with low sperm count. Psychological counseling Healthy lifestyle Testosterone supplement if necessary. Vitamin D3 Lastly IUI and IVF
Diabetes causes male infertility in three ways: Causes erectile dysfunction-by affecting the health of small blood vessels and lowering testosterone levels. Lowers sex drive-by lowering testosterone levels. Reduces ejaculate volume-by affecting the small nerves that control ejaculation and by lowering testosterone . Treatment for DM require complete hyperglysemic history and values.. If its due to DM than DM to be controlked first. Testicular atrophy...Infection of vas difference also to be reviewed.
Clomifen is the drug of choice to increase sperm count
exercise well vitamin supplements
Due to decreased level of testosterone erectile dysfunction, lowering sex drive and reduced ejaculate volume are reported. Reduced sperm quality is also reported but no report against quantity. For improvement blood sugar control is important. Injection testosterone or tab clomiphene can be given if required
Yes it can be the cause of low sperm count Due to decrease level of testosterone Leads to hypo gonadism leads to that, Effective control DM Exercise Good protein diet and vitamin suppliment See testosterone level is low then suppliment

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