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What is your opinion dear experts

1 month back sesame oil about 1 liter given in 2 doses 8 hr apart to this buff in form some other local product. Animal got off feed and body coat became rough and spotted also have lice and ticks on coat .. milk production go to zero. Local treatment was continued during the this period. 2 ago temp was checked some one was 104.5 . Now temp. 98 and animal is still off feed . Fluid at brisket and mammory vein much engorge although no milk in teat at all. Experts opinions ?? @Dr. Sunil Dutt

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no follow up unfortunately due to lack of communication
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Brisket edema and vein engorgement may indicate towards TRP/DH..Please go for CBC for further diagnostic help
Pls check ruminal ph and try to correct ph
It's metabolic disturbance..... Changes due to overdose of oil. May became hypo protenemia... Correct pH, offer protein diet.. also start standard mineral mixture.
no follow up unfortunately due to lack of communication
Hypoprotenemia may be
I agree