Blood Pressure/ Sugar Monitoring

Confused ! Kindly Help ! Need a good quality blood pressure and sugar monitoring device. Brand? Model? Platform to buy?


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Dear Dr @Ajeet Singh , Regarding glucometer I would like to request you that you should choose a meter which is user friendly, have longer self life of strips, easy to get the strips, strips should have different pack sizes (10s, 25s, 50s & 100s). Most strips have a expiry of 90-180days after 1st opening of vial, which 99% of people overlooked & get erroneous readings blaming as the meter is defective. The glucometer should have a wide working temperature range considering the Indian climatic condition (hot & humid), so better to use & store it in a AC room. Meter should carry a "Free replacement warranty". I would suggest you to use Accuchek Activ for all the above reasons. Now let's discuss about the BP monitor. It is better to have a good quality mercurial sphygmomanometer along with appropriate cuff size which varies from patient to patient as per the girth & length of the arm, but one should follow the instructions of use & maintenance (which most users never follow). Ease of use is with digital BP monitors but still same rules apply. I would suggest to have a digital BP monitor of Citizen cuff model (not wrist model). One should use alkaline batteries for better performance.
Any comments on the above suggestions are welcome. Dr @Sepuri Krishna Mohan , @Dr. Dineshchandra Sharma , @Dr. Jagadish Behera , Dr@Sabista Naaz , Dr @Vilas Deshpande , @Dr. Pradip K Khuntia

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I senior GP using mercury B P since 55 year I experienced many Pitfall. I will go for digital Instruments. Some time ago dial spring instrument was available I was not happy I suggest digital instruments
Blood pressure device brand Best Overall: Omron 10 Series Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor. ...Best Budget: Care Touch Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Cuff. ...Best Wrist: iProven Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Watch. ...Best for iPhone: Omron Evolv. ...Best On-the-Go: Withings BMP Connect. ...Best Multi-User: A&D Medical Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor. The Accu-Chek brand has a long history of providing blood sugarmeters to those with diabetes. ... The Accu-Check Fastclix lancing devicethat comes with the meter offers even more benefits. It is able to store up to 6 lancets per drum.
Mercury BP instrument Accucheck or Dr Morepan glucometer Cautious to change cell Do calibrate mercurial also regularly
Omran BP apparatus and Accucheck is best for blood sugars. You can buy in Amazon or flipkart.
Blood sugar accu check active. Mercury BP aprutus by DIAMOND PUNE. MOST RELIABLE BRAND
Digital not more reliable as per my experience
Omron acchucheck