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This is report of my relative who recently delivered a baby 3 weeks back. She is primi with 29 years of age. Suddenly she developed leg pains 3 weeks post partum and it was worrisome as she never had such symptom before in her entire life. Rheumatologist adviced this test and report came back positive. But the doctor is not available for follow up. Her history is she is hypothyroid with Anti-tpo positive. She was also heterozygous for Mthfr gene mutation (as detected after her first miscarriage). Please interpret this report. Thanks a lot.

There is history of hypothyroidism with anti-tpo positive. This is autoimmune disease and therefore this may be associated with positive ANA. ANA also may be positive in people who have another autoimmune disease and in this case is hypothyroidism with anti-tpo positive . Get the treatment of hypothyroidism for patient
Thank you Sir. Is this report relevant for diagnose of Lupus ?.
Is it leg or joint pain Has dvt been ruled out since she has that mutation and in a postpartum state. Ana profile is negative but do require anti ds dna elisa and complements rheumatoid fa tor anti ccp levels since she has ana positive . even hashimoto can have ana positivity.
Thanks doctor. It was pain in both legs and no joint pain. DVT was the first diagnose made by the Rheumatologist. She was put on ecosprin 150mg for DVT. What is prognosis in this case Doctor considering her ANA profile? Today we came to know her visiting rheumatologist is on leave regarding his health issues. Is this report enough for diagnose of Lupus ?

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A positive test is not very specific It could mean anything from nothing at all to the presence of an autoimmune disease like lupus a disease that damages joints skin and other organs
Thank you doctor

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