60 y/ f anaemia , fracture rib ; splenomegaly BM images attached


Bone Marrow Aspirate shows Excess of Plasma cells To Evaluate CRAB criteria and Myeloma Defining Events ( MDEs)for Definitive Diagnosis of Plasma cell Myeloma
Multiple myeloma / plasma cell myeloma / plasma cell dyscrasia.. Rib fractures are due to lytic lesions of the bone .
splenomegaly is nt there in myeloma...may be plasma cell leukemia or lymphhoplasmocytic lymphoma . clpd panel is must.
Plasma cell dyscrasia suggests Myeloma Adv Sr. Protein Electrophoresis for M band
Plasma cell disorder possibly multiple myeloma. Advice : electrophoresis
Excess of Plasma cells, Evaluate for Plasma cell dyscrasia
Multiple myeloma /plasma cell dyscrasia
Plasma cell dyscrasia
Plasma cell dyscresia
Plasma cell leukaemia
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