Single dose cure and Prevention for COVID-19

In the majority cases of corona deaths, the following salient features: (i) Elders are mostly affected; (ii) They die either of pneumonia or myocarditis; (iii) In both cases the muscles become lax (iv) Corona victim develops rapid emaciation; and (v) There is increasing dyspnoea Among the 600 and odd homoeopathy medicines, only one remedy called FERRUM-METALLICUM covers all the above symptoms. The following are extracts from two indispensable homoeopathy reference books Ferrum metallicum :: PNEUMONIA (HOMOEOPATHIC THERAPEUTICS by Dr. Samuel Lilienthal, page 874) # PNEUMONIA senilis (Elderly people); laxity of FIBRE; pulse soft and quick, or slow and easily compressible; dyspnoea slowly increasing; bloody expectoration; EPIDEMIC PNEUMONIA, dyspnoea gradually increasing, CHEST - Lungs, PNEUMONIA: EPIDEMIC: Ferrum-met. (Hering’s 10 volumes) GENERALITIES – MUSCLES: LAX, with EMACIATION: Ferrum-met. (Hering’s 10 volumes) We need not even give it orally. Just put one drop on the skin. Homoeopathy medicine acts by coming in contact with the skin and it is as good as taken orally. No need to repeat the dose. You may buy FERRUM METALLICUM-10M [Liquid dilution] [Willmar Schwabe make] from any homoeopathy drug store and put one drop each on the skin of the five confirmed corona covid patients, anywhere on the middle of the forearm; if four of the five patients are completely relieved within 48 hours, you may continue the medicine for other patients. I hope this is worth the trial.



Nice informative post Doctor
Nice informative post
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