9month baby complaints of cough cold with stuffy nose and vomiting since few days given cepfodoxime syp and kufril LS after 4 days baby started 4 episodes of loose stool pls suggest the diagnosis. WBC 12400 HB 9.6



Xray chest is normal Symptoms suggest baby has viral infection probably chest infection Loose motion after cephalosporins is known fact Better shift on azithromycin suspension Cough suppressants like tixylix syp For loose motion add becelac or neutrolin b syp

Thanx dr Sanjoy Sarkar

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Xray chest NAD URTI with Anaemia Stool for RE to rule out giardia/hook worm infestation Decongestant nasal drop Haematinic after suffering from disease Antiemetic ORS Others to continue for another 3 days

Bronchopneumonia Bronchioliitis

Cxray NAD Possibly Viral flu.


Its bronchiolitis give ns nebulisatin probiotics ors for loose stools. No antibiotics.

? Bronchopneumonia with hyperinflation of lungs

Normal x-ray. May have viral infection

PTB with Plural Effusion

Bronchiolitis, viral GE

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