a 1 yr male child history is loos stool from 7 dayz with cough with cold n fever. aftr medicn hv some relief bt nt in loos stool n anal excorition.. no history of blood in stool no history of warm... what is ds?

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Perianal Excoration

Perianal excoration

As per the history goes cough cold n loose stool . It's viral gastroenteritis . Child has developed irritant contact dermatitis with transient lactose intolerance . Give zinc n vit a .if the child is on cow's or formula feed exchange it with a lactose free formula . If on breast milk add lactase drops to b given before feeds . Zinc oxide ointment plus mild steroids for anal excoriation .

Eczematous dermatitis over anus

Ii is high time to taper breast milk and switch on cow milk diluted milk is given teaspoon and not feeding bottle little auger is added to milk while Boling diarrhoea due to improper cleaning and bolling of feeding bottle is difficult to cure .

Sir cow's milk will worsen the condition . Further breast milk can be continued with lactaze enzyme drops . Transient lactose intolerance usually lasts for 2 weeks .

If breast milk is stopped breast milk is accumulated in breast and may develope into mastitis so every 2 hour milk is sucked out with breast pump .procedure is painful Bui I think there is no alternative . Is there any please suggest .

Peranal excoriation

Infection induced irritant dermatitis.

D/d Viral diarrhoea Parenteral diarrhoea Drug induced diarrhoea exa. Amoxycilln, amoxyclav

Perianal excoriation, due to lactose intolerance. Test stool micro and reducing substance. Stop milk and milk products, including breast milk (unfortunately on August 1,)for 48hrs and Give Dal kichadi,rice,idli, may be soya milk (preferably avoided), locally apply siloderm or proctosedyl oint.

Thank you doctor
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