A 10 yrs Old girl C/O Blackish coloured Patch on her Left Lower Limb since 1 year, the patch is increasing in size, No other fresh Complains Plz give your valuable opinions regarding the Treatment and Diagnosis

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Dr. Suyash Kumar, Thank you for tagging Dr. Golam Mortuza Visual shows dark coloured patch on leg. 1) First evaluate this patch either epidermal or dermal origin by using woods lamp.( epidermal type change with WOODS light.) 2) size ... less than 7 mm usually denotes NAEVUS type.. so it is not Naevus pigmentosus. 3) colour....uniform colour seen in naevi and if variation in color usually denotes atypical or melanoma. So here it is not uniform.not atypical but careful observation shows difference in dark color and asymptomatic denotes..it is neither Lichen planus nor naevus ( as per size and duration) So finally it could be favour to POST INFLAMMATORY PIGMENTATION . This patient might be have ECZEMA, and treated with different types topicals may lead to this pigmentation. Treatment: Removal of the pigmentation by using peels and skin lightning creams. Tab glutone 500 mg daily for 3 weeks .

Thank you doctor

Nevus pigmentous

Thanks mam

Melanocytic naevus Usually appear during first two decades of a person's life

Nevus pigmentous.

Lichen planus

If don't mind can you please explain a little.

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Lichen Planus ? Stasis Dermatitis. ?

may be melanocytic nevus

May be nevus

But it's growing and present since just 1 Yr sir. Is it possible if nevus.
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