A 11 years girl came with this type of eruption for 2 months. and constipated stool ( 3 to 4 days intervals) for 1 year generalities- over sensitive to atmosphere appetite- less craving- chicken, spicy, warm foods thirst-moderate perspiration- moderate, offensive sleep- good mind- angry easily want company please respected doctors share your views in this case.



Acne Vulgaris. Start with Nux vomica 200 single dose. Later on next totality. Berberis Aqui Q at night.

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Acne vulgaris. Also called: pimples. It's cause constipation, spicy & fried foods, inadequate intake of water, vitamin deficiency, etc. Px. 1st should be given laxative, triphala chooranam 1gm with hot water at bed time, or nilavaagai chooranam at bed time same adjuvent. Parangipaati chooranam 1gm, kukkil parpam 100mg bd with milk or honey. For External sangu parppam and panneer mixed paste form apply to face.

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Acne( pimples) Rx Belladona 30 bd Heper sulph 30 bd Silicea 200 weekly avoid spices fat nonveg increase intake of water be regulate your bowels

Acne Rx- Calc carb 200 Kali brom 30 Chk out for Dandruff .. may be the reason Adv for plenty of water , fruits n green veges.

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Sharbat e amla 20m bd after food Jawarish e shahi 5gm bd after food Habne musaffi khood 1 bd after food Arq e ushba 10ml bd before food hab e mulayyan 1 bed time

@Dr. Rajan N. Iyer @Dr. J Kavitha @Dr. Subhashkumar Bharti

You can add Chandanasava along with your homeopathic management sir

Pachanamritam Kashayam Triphala Churnam at bed time X 1 week Later Nambamritadi Panchatiktakam Kashayam Tab.Kaisora Guggulu Cap. Gandhaka Rasayanam (21)


आरोग्यवर्धिनी,महामंजिष्ठादी काढा,दशांग लेप,शंखभस्म,सारिवाद्यासव

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