A 12 year old male patient came with c/o white patches on both

A 12 year old male patient came with C/o white patches on both legs... No any family history found regarding this complaint. Please suggest appropriate Dx and Rx. Also mention proper dose regarding to this age. Thank you.



Advice for local application of Bakuchi Tailam and sun exposure for 8-10 minutes in afternoon before having lunch and then clean it with luke warm water and Apply Narikela Tailam In night local application of Pigmento Ointment Arogyavardhini Vati 1 tab BD Pigmento Cap 1 BD

Gandhak rasayan 2 bd also needed sir

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It’s vitiligo. Shwitra according to Ayurveda. Kindly specify the duration, preceding event to start of appearance of the lesion like any fever or any injury at the site. Start with Bakuchi oil application followed by sun bath Bakuchi Ghana vati 2 tabs twice a day along with mahamanjishthadi kadha 20 ml Swayambhuv guggulu 2 tabs twice a day Gandhak rasayana 2 tabs twice a day Vidangarishta if suspicion of krimi A combination of Rasamanikya rasa, anantmul, raktachandan, musta, haridra, daruharidra, manjishtha, khadir, nimba can be used All medicine after meals. Local prachchhan karma gives faster results. One can go for vamana also. In dietary restriction avoid all the white coloured food articles.

It is Leucoderma, which can move upward on the body. Tuberculinum 1M, single dose every month. No medicine 72 hours before or after this. Arsenicum Sulph Flavum 3X, QIDS Psoralia ointment or Bauchi oil may be applied externally. If no improvement in patches appear after three month, give Hydrocotyle 3X TDS for one month and then 30C TDS. Treatment takes long time to cure.

Karbogi paste with curd make it as a paste apply on the affected area. Then exposure to morning sunlight. Initially 1 minute. Every three days once increase by 1 minute. After sun exposure wash thoroughly. Avoid pulippu taste.

Leucoderma. It is bilateral. Calc- carb 6 c tds x 15 days followed by calc-carb 30 one dose daily x 15 days.then calc-carb 200 c weekly one dose for a considerable period of time till the improvement starts.

Local application of pigmento ointment Tab.pigmento 2bd Tabs must be crushed before consuming Person should avoid salt as much as possible.Treatment should be continued until results

Vitiligo treat with calc carb 1m monthly single dose ars sulph fl 3x tds daily locally apply leucocare oint at night after bath in morning take sun light direct on pacthes

Inj Triamcinolone acitonide IM in glutenous region And apply clobetasole toppically in affected area for short time with sun exposure.. After 1 week u will c some good changes..

Best treatment of leach therapy and Arogyawadhani vatti 2x2, gandhak rasayan, Bakuchi & hartal churan mix with coconut oil lepa on infected areas

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