A 12 years old boy suddenly noticed a hard swelling after a trivial trauma during playing football . The swelling developed in this form after 6 months. It is worm, tender, venous engorgement there. After seeing the location what may be the DD?



? Hematoma.

most probable diagnosis is osteosarcoma; classical clinical picture

malignant. urgent evaluation by MRI. refer to a ortho onco speciality centre. delay may cost life.

osteosarcoma need detail investigation

Osteosarcoma. Immediate refferal to oncho surgeon.


h/o trauma is incidental .in our country most of the bone tumour presents in delay as parents correlates with traumatic incident(pain/swelling). pic seems to b a case of sarcoma(tense swelling shiny skin with venous engorgement warm and tender)probably osteosarcoma.may b chondrosarcoma/ewings sarcoma.xray and mri should b done without delay.

Chondrosarcoma/ evings sarcoma

Can that be a av malformation?

Ewings Osteosarcoma Chondrosarcoma Trivial trauma during football may b an incidental finding.do not b mislead by it Do mri (better for soft tissue) May even require PET ct to look for mets Do biopsy to confirm diagnosis If operable then neo adjuvant chemotherapy followed by surgery or else A.k

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