### A 12 years old boy with c/o left shoulder pain several weeks ago, followed by a gradual, painful swelling of the shoulder joint. What is most likely diagnosis?



Septic arthritis/Hematoma ?h/o trauma/fall/inj Adv. X ray/Usg


Adv. X-ray shoulder. Septic arthritis

Osteosarcoma Septic arthritis Investigation Regular follow up Vitals

Very limited history and no investigation

Image seems to be due to bony growth either OSTEOCHONDROMA or OSTEOSARCOMA. Ddx.septic arthritis

May be osteosarcoma. Investigations are needed to confirm the diagnosis

Bone malignancy - osteosarcoma.

Bone malignancy......Osteochondroma/Osteosarcoma.

Septic arthitis

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