A 12 yrs female child having c/o swelling in all face And her reports are  as shown below What's Dx & Rx..


rft ,s.protein ,24hrs urinary proteins. to ruleout reanl cause . Hb looks in nomal range. though not clear.

go for urine C/E ask for any allergic conditions Take d case can give berberis vulgaris 30 tds

advice renal function test protein rule out cardiac rule out urine out put chart observer

s.sodium,potasium should be check.and also look for protein deficiency.

s. creat and s. protein. shoulb be done

Hb s.creat and s.protein should be check.

?? Nephrotic syndrome R/0 KFT TFT HB

usually oedematic face in renal disease thyroid or anemic heart problems but she complain abd pain than test usg to ruleout kidney problem or worm infestation in worm infestation pt become anemic oedematous face take albendoz or meftallforte iron supplement renal disorder treat that one

nephritis to be rule out

Bilateral mumps D/D allergic swelling. Pheniramine maleate BD. aceclofenac Paracetamol saeropeptidase SOS. pantaprazole OD. multivitamins OD. Acyclovir 400 5 times a day for 5 days. cold sponging. Rest .

h/o is acute? needs further investigations like CBC, urine - routine & RFT

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