A 13 year old male. Comes with c/o this painful swelling and pus discharge from 3 days. Pt develops same problem in an interval of 6 months from last 2 years... Diagnosis and management... is it a thyroglossal cyst or an abscess...



A Thyroglossal cyst with abscess and presenting as a discharging sinus..Treatment is whole excision of thyroglossal tract with removal of body of hyoid boneand the suprahyoid tract through the base of tongue to the vallecula at the site of primitive foramen caecum. Also called SISTRUNK'S OPERATION

As the location of scar is central just along the line of descent of thyroid from base of tongue to thyroid I presume it to be thyroglossal cyst but confirmation is the clinical examination of swelling when it moves along the plane of descent up and down as well as fine needle aspiration cytology and usg neck other likely thing could be prelaryngeal delphian lymph node abscess

Sir could it be fistula as discharge is present?

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Thyroglossal cyst sistrunk operation

Does the swelling moves with protrusion of tongue. It may be thyroglossal cyst. Abscess. Advised. FNAC, USG. Neck. Proceed accordingly.

No sir swelling doesn't move with

Thyroglossal fistula

Does the swelling moves with protrusion of tongue?

No sir

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It looks like a case of Thyroglossal cyst with mild infection Rx Antibiotics Antiinflammatories for 5_7 days& Excision under General

Cervical sinus Tuberculosis? Thyroglossal sinus or fistula?

Thyroglossal cyst DD --brachial cleft Epidermoid cyst

Thyroglossal cyt with infection control infection n go for surgery

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