A 16 year boy came in opd withH/O discrete papular lesion startd fromlower limb to uperlimb bl to abdomen and back pruritic in nature.No systemic sign and symptoms. No fever.Pictures attached.Total duration of episode is 4 days.Pls discuuss diagnosis and management

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scabies . 5 per permerthrin lotion permerthrin soap . antihistamine treat all the pt who is in contact with him

its not scabies allergic reaction


this doesnt look like scabies. Lesions onthe dorsa of hands, point to pruriginous dermatoses. I prefer a combo of Fucidicacid with hyrocotisone for topping ical application



scabies permethrin lotion L/A Tab albendazole 1 hs for 2 weeks antihistaminic

scabies entire house mates to be treated at least once a day with scaboma lotion.patient should apply scaboma from neck to foot in the night for two consecutive days followed by bath with scabicidal soap. ivermectol with antihistamines given .garments should be soaked in hot water.pets also to be treated with scabama applicatons.



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