A 16 years old female presented with history of gradual onset of swelling finger. What are the possible diagnosis?



D/D - Implantation dermoid Ganglion cyst Lipoma Giant cell tumour

Ganglion cyst can be treated by modified setton staple technique or directly piercing IM needle nd bend it

Thanks Dr Chatterjee

It’s mostly an Implantation Dermoid. Unlikely to be a Ganglion. Nevertheless, Excision Biopsy and confirmation would be an ideal approach.

Ganglion cyst. Treat by modified setton staple technique.

Lipoma dd tendon cyst dd Dermoid cyst usg fnac HP if firm& fixed swelling

Dear Dr.Sudhir After going through the replies my suggestion is get a USG done that ll help us to reach a conclusion and plan the management

Ganglion cyst, dermoid cyst, lipoma.

Rheumatoid nodule/arthritis..And pachydermoperiostosis..

Posibly a flexor tendon sheath tumor or ganglion.USG will help.

Dermoid cyst.Excise under LA

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