A 17 year old male pt, came with complain of rounded eczema over his right scapular region since more than 2 months, which is spreading day by day. No any family history for skin disease. According to me most probably it is ringworm. kindly share your opinions with treatment.



Well defined border with Centrally clear, Tinea Corporis. Topical & Systemic Antifungals, Ketokonazole Soap Wash, Fluconazole Power, Antihistaminic SOS, PERSONAL HYGIENE

Dx: Tinea corporis Rx: Itraconazole 100mg with levocetirizine 5mg in the morning for 10 days Ketoconazole 200mg with Hydroxyzine 25mg at night for 10 days After 10 days Itraconazole 200mg OD with levocetirizine 5mg OD daily Fluconazole 150mg weekly OD Luliconazole ointment twice daily for 10 days Reviews after one week

Tinea Corporis.

Tinea Corporis Tab Terbinafine Lulifin cream Tab Levocetrizine

What you will do if it is reccurrent just after the treatment

Tinea corporis


Levocet tab candid b cream terbinaforce 250mg 7 tab atarax 25mg tab

Tinea corporis

@anilkumar mehta-granuloma annularae

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