A 18,yrs old male patient complains of mouth ulcers since 1 week. He

a 18,yrs old male patient complains of mouth ulcers since 1 week. he was given b complex, orasep gel . not relieved then was given meteogyl dg gel but still not relieved



Traumatic Apthous Ulcer But exclude Bechet's disease Rx : 1.Tab Erythromycin to be crushed and mixed with water to rinse mouth thrice a day for 5 days 2.Kenacort oral paste Apply after meals 3.Mucopain gel (Anaesthetic gel) Apply before meals 4.BComplex vitamin

Recurrent aphthous ulcer ? Are these ulcers healing and new ulcer is seen. Aphthous ulcer usually stays for 7 to 10 days. Pain will be more after 3 rd or 4 th day. Will regress without any treatment. Treatment includes - Can prescribe Dologel CT local application before eating 4-5 times daily, if pain is severe give some analgesics. To releave stress. Etiology for aphthous ulcer are mainly - Trauma either physical or chemical or thermal. Physical trauma can be due to hurt or blow, accidentally biting the lip, check,tongue etc. sharp cusps, or hurting while brushing teeth or chewing hard substance. In simple any kind of physical trauma. Chemical burns Burn due to hot food - Stress , if patient is suffering from stress like exams, office, financial, domestic or any sort of psychological stress can lead to aphthous ulcer. - poor oral hygiene. - Vitamin deficiency also especially Riboflavin sometimes .

1. Any history of general debilitation and constipation . 2 any history of chronic lung diseases 3 any history of malnutrition ? 4 any complete blood test report for sexually Transmitted diseases . 5 any oral habits in past history . 6 any immunodeficiency disorders . 7 any auto immune diseases . 8 any allergic reaction to particular drug . 9 ask him to take plenty of fruits vitC contained food and apply aloe veera mouth gel for speedy recovery.

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Aphthous Ulcer. Hydrocortisone 0.1% Oral Paste may b useful.

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Apathous ulcer Give follic acid 5 mg. BD. Vizylac tab. Mouth paint locally

* how is the oral condition. * it seems to be more calculus deposits . * if u give medication without good healthy oral hygiene then it is of no use . * pt insist main on primary complaint ie ulcers on the lower dorsum of lip . * any ulcer will heal faster in non bacterial atmosphere . * so first educate the patient and do perfect scaling and then see the response . * oral cavity is a hub of bacterial flora if the ulcer in the hub of bacteria will aggtevate the culture of bacteria by fast growing by the Favourable conditions of unhygienic atmosphere . * apply aloe veera mouth paint r candid paint for better relief . * take good food milk eggs fish chicken . fruits and juices and mushrooms change the menu . Take more of protein food .

Although ulcer...put the pt on tab rebegen TDs and lexanox for local application...put the pt on antioxidants and multivitamins

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Take the proper history of the pt especially regarding drug/chemical.etc... Multiple small apthous ulcers..Put the pt on Antioxidants B complex and tab rebagen TDS..and go for complete basic routine investigations including viral markers

Go for kenocort ointment. Coolera mouthwash. Advice the patient not to have spicy food. Hot foods should be avoided. Also advice to consume vegetables containing fibre as due to constipation these ulcers would have occured.

D/D Recurrent Aphthous ulcer Traumatic ulcers Vit. Deficiency Malnutrition Herpetic ulcer Rx Multivitamincapsule limcee Candid mouth paint Betadine gargale Oral hygiene maintaine

APTHOUS ULCER Treat Acidity Constipation & De-stress

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