A 19 year boy,c/o cough,lethargy since 12 days occasional fever,but 2days fever with chills(101°when i measured),o/e pallor,tachycardia,bp 100/70mm,auscultation:fine crepts rt lower zone,rales mid zone,lft chest normal, I advised Sputum AFB,,,plz discuss



This case looks like ?? acute pneumonia with consolidation of right mid and lower zones. First Send the sputum for culture and sensitivity to rule out Pulmonary tuberculosis Treatment is 1 Rest to the patient 2 Advice to take plenty of fluids 3 First start with a course of antibiotics for 2 weeks 4 Then repeat the chest xray to see the improvement . 5 If there is changes persist in xray and clinically patient condition us not improved ,advice him for HRCT chest to rule out Pulmonary tuberculosis Lung cancer

Hyperinflated lungs with tubular heart Synpneumonic effusion in rt mid to lower zone Unfolded aorta Fluid aspiration & analysis with ADA Lung consolidation with effusion in a case of COPD ? Tuberculosis

Fever with chill it's pneumonia, not tb. Treatment should be started in the line of cap.

Do sp culture start standard regimen for community acquired pneumonia do usg to rule out underlying effusion change and continue antibiotic ac to culture report

Right lower lobe pneumonia

Rt lobar pneumonitis with effusion . Sputum culture and for AFB . Antbiotics see o2 saturation bronchdilators nebulization and mucolytics.

It turned out to CAP,streptococcus pneumonia,with AFB positive,

it may be rt side pneumonia preceding with viral infection advise sputum for afb to rule out k chest.

Pulmonary koch's, advisedAKT.

rule out pulmonary tb afb sputum analysis.

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