A 19 year female presenting with lower abdominal pain and vaginal bleed and passing grape like vesicles ultrasound scan below: diagnosis?



Molar pregnancy snow Strom appearance.. Hydatidiform mole is abnormal placental condition where there is partial degenerative and partial proliferative changes.in chorionic villi.its benign condition Incidence is 1:400. Aetiology:young women. Low intake of carotene. Inc incidence with ab bloodgroup. Ovum nucleus is either empty/ absent.clinical features: vaginal bleeding.lower pain abdomen,passage of vesicles p/v. Hyper emesis. Investigations: bloodgroup ING and typing. LFT,RFT, Thyroid profile. Snow Strom appearance in scan Rapidly Inc values of betaHCG> 100,000miu/ ml X-ray chest. Definitive diagnosis by HPE., CBP with platelets Treatment,suction and evacuation . Correction of anaemia. Cx dilated either with syntocin drip/ misoprostol. Suction evacuation done carefully, chances of perforation are more. Serum betaHCG to be done at ainterval of wkly tillit becomes negative.

Molar pregnancy.Adv.Beta HCG quantitation.Do surgical profile,Haemogram,CT,BT.Plan for suction evacuation under GA. Rpt wkly beta HCG until it is negative, then monthly beta HCG quantitation.Counsel the pt not to become pregnant for 1 year.

Vesicular mole. Looking like complete Vesicular mole. Adv D& e Repeat USG & beta hcg after 15 days Sos repeat curettage Or inj Methotrixate im.

Molar pregnancy, complete mole. Do routine investigations.hb,cbc,plat count. Adv D&E under GA,keep blood at hand. Follow up by serial Beta HCG,adv contraception at leat for 6 months.


D&C is not a complete management, Basic Serum lvl of Beta hcg is mandatory at the time of evacuation. Needs to be repeated at 14, 28, 45 days post evacuation if the level shows a decreasing trend it's welcomed, but increasing trend indicates more severe form of GTD, mostly Choreocarcinoma. The serum level wd also tell the exact no of biologically Active cells and severity of the disease in context of Chaemotherapy which wd be needed next

Molar pregnancy . Get beta hcg done .do D&E After arrangimg 2 unit of blood get cbc to know hb

Molar pregNancy. H MOLE

Vesicular mole . Molar pregnancy

Yes it is a complete mole. The scan showing snowstorm appearance

No molar pregnancy repeat usg after 15 days & hcg test

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