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Intercostal muscle cavernous hemangioma

A 19 year old male with h/o left recurrent chest wall swelling for 2 months. Needle aspiration was inconclusive. No h/o trauma, PTB, any chronic illness On examination plane of the swelling is intermuscular. No bruit heard. Chestx-ray attached CECT thorax attached (No feeding vessel detected) MRI not done as swelling was well delineated on CT Gross specimen attached Kindly discuss and provide differential or provisional diagnosis


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Intercostal muscle cavernous hemangioma

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Exthoracic cage swelling Hrct is suggest normal lungs swelling is noted out of cage but below subcutaneous tissues Specimen looks FIBROLIPOMA Excision is only available procedure

Intercostal muscle cavernous hemangioma

Chest wall lesion exothorasic one Adv: biopsy

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