a 19 yrs female.... After 12 hrs of applying chemical mehndi result is this....burning sensetion, I think its Allergic Dermatites, whats your opinion & Dx ......



allergic reaction/chemical burn

Yes, it's allergic dermatitis, advised anti histaminics & don't rupture blisters as skin is the best dressing.

Allergic dermatitis. Tab deflazacort 12 mg O.D for 5 days, Tab AMOXYCLAV 625 mg B.D for 5days, tab fexofenadine 180 mg O.D for 5 days

allergic reaction chemical burns use anti allergic oral n local

Allergic reaction to Mehindi. Should not use in future. Treatment De roof the blebs. Oral anti histamines Oral antibiotics to prevent infection like Amoxicillin for 5 days. In case not reduced, oral Deflazacort 6 mg TID with Tapering dose.

steroid contraindicated in ulcer

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contact chemical dermatitis with ..

In my opinion its ACD ( Allergic contact dermatitis) can be treated with Systemic Corticosteroids, Topical Corticosteroids, oral antihistamines such as diphenhydramine or hydroxyzine , oral antibiotic such as clindamicin to prevent infections, topical antihistamins are not advisable...

hina allergic

Allergic reactions

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