A 19yrs old female with severe anemia,no other h/o,kindly suggest??



Microcytic hypochromic picture looks like Iron deficiency anaemia Check for any menorrhagia complaints and Iron studies stool for ova and cyst and Direct and Indirect Coombs test

Serum Iron Profile Reticulocyte counts B12 & Folic Acid Levels Admit for further evaluation Gynaecologist advise for the likely cause.. USG pelvic organs besides routine USG for spleen,Liver, kidneys... Packed Red cells Transfusion to keep Hemoglobin above atleast 7 grams.. Follow by Parental iron. Follow by oral iron. Give iron to all women who are menstruating 10 tablets per month...

Thank you sir

Agree with dr javaid Iqbal sir

Isofer IV infusion. Check for any cause for blood loss.

Best Parentral iron are Ferric carboxymaltose 500mg vials Unaffordable by most of patients Iron sucrose is also an alternative but Iron should be substituted if Hemoglobin is above 7grams/dl...

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Ayaskruti 20 ml bid mandoora vatakam 1 bid and healthy diet to be follwd

I prescribed her sh foulad 15ml 3 times a day and alongwith tab liv 52 2 tabs 3times a day and jawaish kamuni 3gm after meal and advc her to eat green vegetables ,spinach cabbage &beetroot in diet

Evaluation of microcytic hypochromic anemia with Serum iron, serum ferritin, serum transferrin,TIBC, Stool for occult blood, ova,cyst. Rx > Albendazole 1hs, ferrous sulfate orally, blood transfusion preferably wth packed RBC cells.

Thank you sir

Absolutely agree with Dr. Javaid Iqbal khan,, perfect approach and management

This is iron deficiency anemia unless proved otherwise This is unlikely to be nutritional, so a detailed menstrual history should be taken. A von willebrand disease can present with iron deficiency anemia, hook worm is another possibility, GI occult loss should be excluded, since there is no other history a malabsorption is unlikely, otherwise celiac disease is a differential. The need for blood transfusion is debatable, I shall treat with oral iron and monitor the response

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