A 2 month old child brought bye the parents with the complaint of pimples over the face. Parents told these lesions are present since last 1 month and increasing in no. Child is irritable.and is only on mothers milk. What is the diagnosis and management for this .



Miliaria rubra Avoid Sun exposure. Keep baby clean and dry. Loose cloths. Maintain hydration. Cold compresses. Calamine lotion local application . According to Ayurveda it is "Pittaj masurika " Chandanadi taila or durvadi taila for local Application. Paste of tumeric in coconut oil can be applied Chandan ,ushir , rakt chandan ,durva paste by mixing them in rose water can also be applied. For adults you can give Chandanasav. Ushirasav. Mouktik kamdudha ras Sarivadyasav Mahamanjishthadi kwath Praval bhasma Chandrakala ras. Praval panchamrut mouktik ukt

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Baby acne,or allergy due to massage oil Some time it vanish without any medicin Use only powder Avoid massage oil Prefer morning sunlight Ant crud 6 Is helpful medicine

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Sir I thik he use Jonson baby sope powder oil Some baby having allergi. I thnk also surgical reaction. Of this product You want to suggest use Himalayas soap. Powder and oil . Oral drop Novamox Cv drop 10 drop bid Attarex drop 5 drop BD Calpol drop 10 drop BD

Its baby acne Sir. Cause is unknown it may be the result of maternal or infant hormones.

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BABY ACNE Do not scrub, apply any powder, cream, lotion or oil. Keep clean and dry. Rash will go away without any treatment.

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Miliaria rubra

Firstly advise baby's mother to stop eating virudhaahara like fish along with milk & than non veg items including egg also. Than for baby cutis powder and Jaffman baby soap for mother one blood purifier like shodak Syr 15 ml bd

Thanku sir its Neonatal acne

Baby acne. Or allergy. Arsanic iod-6, Natrum Mur -30 helpful medicine.

Mother fed babies get these rashes, no treatment is necessary, maintaining proper hygiene with good hydration is enough sir.

Its baby acne Mam

Miliaria rubra Cold compress

Neonatal Acne

Yes Sir. Thanku for comment
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