A 2 year old boy present with a painless enlarging abdominal mass. Parents also complaints of Hematuria. CT images are posted. What is Dx and MX. Please help


Dx:-tumour of kidney as CT abdomen suggest.it may be benign or malignant.most common age of Wilm tumour is about 2to5yr.it is malignant tumour.it may be primary or secondary metastasis from lung cancer or breast cancer which is uncommon in this case.haematuria is symptoms in this case. If it is persistent then tumour may be benign.surgical excision is tt of choice for benign tumour.in case of malignant tumour method of choice is combined surgery,radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Nephroblastoma The usual approach in most patients is nephrectomy followed by chemotherapy, with or without postoperative radiotherapy

In view of age and site of mass lesion suggest Wilms' tumor. Further investigations like biopsy and PET scan will establish the staging and histopathalogical diagnosis.

Nephroblastoma Treatment is nephrectomy follpwed by chemotherapy

wilms tumor..

Wilms tumor

Wilm's tumor (Nephroblastoma) Rx. Nephrectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy

Cystic nephroblastoma


Multilocular cystic nephroma

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