A 2 yr old with foreign body

A baby aged 2 year Chief Complaints One rupee coin intake accidentally 2 hrs back f/b Dyspnea and Respiratory distress Investigations Xray Management What shd be next step of management

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Wait & watch it will automatically from Annus within 24-48 hrs Give plenty of fruits enriched in fivers Syp levoluke 1 1/2 tsf b d If does not get out in 48 hrs Then to be taken out by Endoscopy

Thank you doctor

Foreign body COIN seen in mid oesophagus Better option is take out f b by endoscopy If left as such it may take lot of time and even may get obstructed

Make upside down Exert pressure at epigastrium Or remove by endoscopic

Thank you doctor

Foreign body in upper Oesophagus. Adv removal by Endoscopic procedure.

It should be treated as emergency because respiratory distress & dysonea occurs. Under GA this coin will be removed immediately

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