A 20 years old Male with a sebaceous cyst over scrotum. This is posted for students This was small in size 4 years back and has grown to present size



Sebacious cyst of scrotum, asymptomatic and harmless. It need not be excised unless grows fastly to a non-acceptable cosmotically

Sebaceous cyst Exision under LA T bect ointment dressing day Scrotal support Antibiotics Analgesic +anti-inflammatory Ppi

Sebaceous cyst of scrotum. Surgical excision.

Seems to be infected. Excision / I&D with scrapping of Cyst wall

Sebaceous cyst scrotum , can present as multiple cyst many a times , advise Surgical excision under LA followed by prophylactic antibiotics

Sebaceous cyst no to do any thing

Sebaceous cyst

Solitary sebaceous cyst scrotum.

Steatocystoma on scrotum

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