A 20 yr.old female delivered 6 mnth back complains of dyspareunia.On PV examination her episiotomy stitch line is healthy and healed but improper suturing is done.Tenderness is present at the episiotomy site.What be the line of management?

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Local inj hydrocortisol at the site will be helpful alongwith nsad.

Dr assessment of improper stitches whether enmass stitching then restitch /if band is there it can be cut under la just tie only bleeders & let it to heal itself/ if there is shortening of any diameter then lubricants &exercises may help / please exclude pid if dyspareunia

a course of antibiotics along with anti-inflamatory

when episiotomy is improperly stitched. healing can reduce the introitus and dyparunia can occur. initially can give some lubricants and c. many times it works

dysparunia due to improper stitching is due to nerve damage and decrease size of introitus, some lubricants, analgesics nd butterfly exercise may help

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Hot fermentation , tab trypsin chymotrypsin twice daily for at least 20 days , vtwo or goemate gel before intercourse. tell her next delivery in a reputed hospital.(in yr. nursing home)

Lubricants like K Y jelly would be useful along with analgesics and Sitz bath.

better give her sitz bath,antiinflamatory ,local application of metrogyl p ...

delivery 6mths bk so only lubrication will help .in due course it will become normal.

dysparunia due to lmproper healing of episiotomy can be treated with unani system of medicine by regimental therapy.

if there is no pain at episiotomy site at present, then only lubrication n revised sex position..

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