A 20 yrs old pt having this type of lesion over face since 10 yrs, pt taken homeo and ayurvedic Rx bt didn't get relief. Even he taken homeo Rx 5 mnth back, the lesion was increase. Plz suggest The DX and Rx.....


Acne vulgaris Grade 4 ( Nodulocystic acne) This requires Isotretinoin 0.5 MG/Kg OD. Topically clindac A gel or Benzyl peroxide can b given. Avoid manipulation of the lesions as it can lead to scarring invariably. For the already present scars, subcision can b done followed by dermabrasion, dermaroller, lasers etc... Whatever it is that u do, DON'T COMBINE ISOTRETINOIN WITH DOXYCYCLINE AS IT CAN LEAD TO A SERIOUS SIDE EFFECT OF PSEUDOTUMOUR CEREBRI ( BENIGN INTRACRANIAL HYPERTENSION)

Modulo cystic acne.isotretinoin(20)od r 3-6 mth.doxycycline(100)od r a mth.brevoxyl face wash.adapeline n bpo combination at nite

Sir isotretinoin n doxy is complete contradiction.

This is acne vulgaris nodulo cystic acne which is grade 4..tab.minocycline 100 and topical clindamycin and adaplene nd benzyl peroxide combination with tab.liv.52 and avoid spicy food and oily heavy food items..


Nodulo cystic Acne .Cap Minocycline 100 mg od for 15 days. Clindamycin with Adaplene gel at night and Benzoyl peroxide morning .

Acne treat antibiotic isotretin 20mg b.d. Clarita face wash profile cream day time and femicinol.Adp at night with uniglow syrup

Acne vulgaris grade 4 Tab isotretinoin start with low dose for 2-3 weeks then increase Azithomycin pulse Topical clindamycin Twice a day Ahaglow S face wash Intralesional steroids can b given for cyst Once inflammation subsides then subcision, dermaroller, microdermabrasion, Co2 laser can b done

Nodulo cystic acne with craters needs treatment with cap isotretinoin for 3-4 months with tab liv 52,dermaroller will give promising results

Acne Vulgaris. Nodular cystic form with scarring. Treatment of this form should more aggressive than others. Antibiotics systemic and topically are used mainly. It's better to treat with Doxycycline 100 mg bid for 45-60 days and Clindamycine cream bid. Instruct patient to avoid manipulating the lessons.

acne vulgaris with icepick scarring. dermaroll application. tab doxy 100mg bd climdamycin ointment retinoic acid

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