a 25 year old female having a complaint of itching in her hip region which increases at night. itching was subsidies when she thought to concern a doctors. dx.and rx.



Tinea corporis Rx Arogyabardhani bati. .gandhak rasayan. .panchatikta ghrita guggul. .mahamanjistadi kawth. .khadirarista. .LA MAHAMARICHADI TAILA.

Its Dadru Mandala.... We can correlate with Tinea Corporis....

Sir mostly doc. Mention that its tinea corporis infection but acc to my knowledge and google its tinea cruris ....pls tell the right answer.

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It's a ringworm infection.d/d Tinea cruris.In Homeopathy, we take full case.In Ayurveda Aloe Vera juice, Gilioy juice, Mahamanjisthadi kada are medicines.Reasons for such infections--1.Obesity2.Use of lot of steroids 3.Using wet clothes 4.Sour food5.Fermented products 6.Spicy foods7.Salty food 8.Night watching 9.Working in unhyigenic condition 10.Tendancy to profuse perspiration.

Tinea Corporis

Tinea corporis

That is Taenea,,. Rx pTG guggulu, gandhaka rasayana tab,,. Maha marichadi taila extl,. Khadirarista bid,.

Taenia corporis Arogyavardhini vati Gandhak Rasayana Panchtikta ghrita guggul Khadriarishta Mahamarichyadi tel l.a

Its fungal infection Arogya vardini vati Panchatikta guggulu grita tab Gandaka rasayana Maha manjistadi kashaya

Tinea corporis

Tinea cruris ....cream castor nf...with gandhak rasyan and nimb kalak with coconut oil..at night

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