A 25 year old female patient came with the history of fever since

A 25 year old female patient came with the history of Fever since 7 days on and off taken self medications... Anorexia since 15-20 days Constipation On and Off since 15-20 days BP - 110/90 Wt - 49kg Koshtha - Krura Agni - Manda Jivha - Coated Trishna +++ Mala-Mutra Pravratti Samanya Nindra Alpa, having history of Ratri Jagran Occupation Student Mano Vaha Sthiti - Chintita (Having exams) Water Supply - Govt. water supply, not using any purification method except filtration Third time getting the Typhoid in last 6 month. * She may be the carrier of thyroid for last 6 months Now came for the Ayurvedic management.... Please suggest the AYUSH management for the same and Pathya-Apathya for this vyadhi....



@Dr. Hemant Adhikari Sir, 1. As the jwara is present since 7 days, prompt Steps must be taken to bring it normal in accordance with Annavaha Sratasam. 2. Since Jwara is in Madhya Abastha, hence Pachana properties medicines are choosen. You did not mention any Dosha- Dushya assessment in your post, so let it be treated as Sannipataja Jwara. Management- 1. Rest 2. Drink Luke warm water as Anupana to all Pathyapathya and Aaushadhis. 3. Sadanga paniya to control over excessive thirst. 4. Pathyapathya- Light, easily digestible foods Chapattis/ Mix Veg/ Buttermilk / Yusa - Peya- Vilepi as advised in classical texts / Soups/ Dals. 5. Chitrakadi Vati- 2 tabs BD after food with Luke warm water 6. Sanjeevani VATI - 2-3 times and SOS with Sadanga paniya. 7. Amrutarishtam + Balarishtam 10 ml each after food BAD 8. Lakshadi Tailam- Local Apply to relieve from body ache and bring temp. down 9. Kashayam preparations should be avoided for now. 10. Thyroid management should be done promptly after fever cures.

Vettumaran Gulika is an alternative for Sanjeevani VATI.

Dr. Hemant ji, As you mentioned that fever since 7 days on and off with anorexia, constipation. We should think about Santata Jwara. Which is one of the vishama jwara. In this disease fever lasting for 5,7 ,10 days without comming to normal. As your patient took self medications , that may be the cause of remission of the fever.In some text books it has also been called as Mantharaka Jwara or Antrika Jwara. Which is in modern medicine called as Typhoid fever. For confirmation please advise the patient to do the Widal test.In the meantime please give Giloy satwa 250 mg +Godanti bhasma 500 mg, + Pravala pisti 250 mg + Sringa bhasma + Jaha mohara pisti 250 mg thrice daily with honey before food.Jayamangala rasa 1 pill twice daily before food. Samsamani vati 2tab the thrice daily.. Anyway first rule out the Typhoid.

Thank you doctor

@Dr. Hemant Adhikari Case suggested Pyrexia for last 7 days, associated symptoms are anorexia,constipation and widal positive, H/O intake of water may be contaminated with S.typhi. Hence patient affected with enteric fever !(Typhoid)......otherwise blood rerports are normal... Require further Widal test. Advice:--- ●Rest. ●Safe drinking water. ●Intake plenty of water. ●Intake soft boiled food. Bry 1m/2 doses. Bapt.tinc.Q

चरक संहिता के अनुसार ज्वर कोई रोग नहीं होता,शरीर में होने वाला सन्ताप है। चिन्ता एक मानसिक व्याधि होती है, चिकित्सा, तगर 50 ग्राम जटामांसी 25 ग्राम लेकर दोनों का पाउडर बनाकर 2 ग्राम सुबह-शाम पानी के साथ दे निश्चित रूप से लाभ होगा योग परिक्षित है

Dr. Hemanth Adhikara sir, you mentioned that she may be the carrier of "Thyroid" for last 6 months... May be it is a spelling mistake (Thyroid / Typhoid) Once Typhoid attacks, it will be shown in blood for 6 months... May be this time she is suffering from ? Viral infection or ? UTI Ruled out the cause and treat it...

Tab. Sanjeevani vati 2tab bd Tab madhurantak vati 1 bd Abhra bhasma 250mg bd Giloy satva Amritaristam 4tsf bd with equal water This give me satisfactory result

Thank you doctor

Rx. Ayushkhada tab bid Mrityunjayaras bid Kiratarista bid If excess daaha is present Shadanga paneeya u can advice,,

For thyroid disfunction hypo or hyper both .....Kheshanda Magz amaltaash 50ml at morning empty joshanda tukhm katan 50 ml at night Haabe raswat 2 bd...itrifal ustokhuddus 10gm at bed time...fever k liye habb akseer bukhar 3 tab TDs vd crush in mouth.... For Anorexia Jawarish jalinoos 1 tsf bd just after meal.itrifal ustokhuddus motion bhi clear karega Aur dimagi tanaw bhi door karega jisse neend bhi achchhe we aayegi ..parhej tel masaala mirch maans madira...pani ubla hua wa halka garm hi len Ishwar kripa se 1 st day k medication k baad fever ni aayegi Aur sabhi problems se relief milega plz report me after 3 days

Bhunimbadi kashay parpatadi kashay samshani vati

Giloyghan vati, sanjavini vati, arogyavardhani vati, kumariasav

Enteric Fever Advice: *Drink Boiled Water frequently *Liquid or Bland diet In homeopathy, Bryonia 200 BID

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