How to approach a case of anhydrosis

A 25 year old female with history of absent sweating from past 8 years. Before that she used to sweat. There is no other complaints but regular hyperthermia episodes in summer due to this. No dental or hair abnormalities. No other problems , on a little digging she says her mouth remains a little bit dry but that too not much. How to approach this case of anhydrosis? All which came toy mind was sjogrens, ectodermal dysplasia and may be autonomic neuropathy.. How should I investigate her and treat her?



Anhydrosis can be either due to dermatological or neurological. As examination was not showing any associated neurological signs, neuropathy unlikely. Young female first we should rule out CTD so do ANA, anti SSA, SSB. Schirmer test.

Thank you doctor

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