A 25 year young boy presented with a soft compressible translucent non tender spongy feel swelling of left axilla since 2 months. Gradually inceasing in size to attain present size of 4”-5”. CT chest normal. This is free on skin side Kindly advise. Thanks




Get a F.NAC done A cold abscess could be a possibility Get a chest and cervical,dorsal spine x ray done

Thanks waiting for fnac and other inv

Soft, translucent swelling - lymphangioma, lipoma. Adv USG. FNAC. X-ray chest

My first thinking was lymphatic tissue lymphangioma/hygroma or it could be Haemengioma etc.

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It may be a lymphangioma as it is soft , cystic and translucent

DD 1.cavernous lymphangioma. 2. Cavernous haemangioma. 3. Lipoma

h/o loss of wt/appetite, evening rise of temperature, past h/o TB elsewhere???? If all above r negative, as CT chest is also normal - most likely Lipoma.. Kindly update on final diagnosis after treatment, if possible

No h/o wt loss etc ct chest is wnl

Seems like Lipoma need fnac for confirm ation

Compressibility to full goes against and spongy fell also. Still see for fnac this is also to be kept in mind.

Cystic hygroma DD:- Lipoma / Req. FNAC to prove the diagnosis.




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