A 26yr/M patient complaining of stinging sensation and itching over the lesion as shown in picture since last 3 days. no history of fever or malaise. kindly diagnose and suggest treatment.

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Dr LM Patel I would agree with Dr Uttam It closer to irritant dermatitis Definitely not Herpes Zoster because morphology is not consistent and involvement of multiple dermatomes with scaling and no vesiclulation rules out HZ.

Herpes zoster. Tab.acyclovir, analgesic,local antiviral cream.

h erpetic dermatitis with

Herpes zoster Acyclovir 800 mg 5 times daily for one week Gabapentine

Thanks to all doctors for there valuable opinion. Guys its Blister beetle dermatitis.

Blister beetle dermatitis. Use momate f cream

It has crossed more than 1 dermatome so it's not herpes zooster. Again u don't find classical vesicles here. So it's a bbd

Sir what about stinging pain is in bbd pain felt like stinging ....i think little more explore the case nd inquire about appearance of blisters gradually or sudden could be differentiating feature

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Herpes zoster,acyclovir,topical calamine and gabapentin

Herpes zoster

HZ.valacyclovir(1 gm) tds r 7 d.calaminol lotion.doxycycline if secondary infn.

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