pcos with suppressed menses

A 27 years female, she has having suppressed menses since 6 months. No menses come without medicine. If taking allopathy medicine and than start menses. I have do usg. S/o ENDOMETRIAL THICKNESS 1E MM AND MINIMUM FREE FLUID SEEN IN POUCH OF DOUGLAS. I HAVE PRESCRIBED: FOLICULINUM200 OOPHORINUM30 THUJA 1M PULS. 30. but no result. Can u suggest, which medicine is help. Physical symptoms: Thermal :hot Dreams: sex, ghost, family. Past history: lung TB. AKT taken 1 year. Sex desire every day. Craving : ice cream, chocolate, tea. Aversion : milk. Please suggest.



If cyst on left side then lachesis If right side then lycopodium If both side then apis Advice for serum prolactin test also Is she married or not If married then due to cyst unable to conceive If pulsatilla fails to bring menses then senecio q can be given

She is married. Having infertility due to PCOS.

Think about pulsatilla please, if indicate go for it

Pulsatilla 1 M monthly × 3 dose Jonosia Ashoka Q 10 drops TDs


Conium m NAT mur

Medo can work ....

Rx Lachesis ?

Take detail case think of nat mur // tuberculinum

Tuberculinum 1M Single dose

Rx Cal carb maybe helpful

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