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sever itching and black color patches

A 27Y/Male C/O sever itching on hand and thighs And now spreading in jockey with itching scince 7 days.....(attached images) reference H/O patients visited Chhattisgarh for trip with friends and were played in some water pound and since then slightly itching started but now it is intense and night time it is bit more Non Alcoholic non Smoker non DM, BP, no other complaints VITALS: BP: 120/80mmhg PR: 80/mint CHEST: clear PA: soft Spo2: 99% at room air I request to our great doctors pannel Kindly help me in diagnosis and treatment ūüôŹ


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SCABIES? Tinea(Fungal) ?? 1st take antiscabies tt then after 2 to 3 days start antifungal tt if not relief.

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Allergic contact dermatitis. It occurs when the skin develops an allergic reaction after being exposed to a foreign substance. This causes the body to release inflammatory chemicals that can make the skin feel itchy and irritated... In this case water contentment or chemical dissolved could be responsible. Or dome food or contact allergy. Apply bland petroleum jelly like Vaseline to soothe the area.Try using anti-itch treatments such as calamine lotion or hydrocortisone cream (Cortisone-10). If needed, take an antihistamine drug such as diphenhydramine to cut down on itching and to reduce your allergic response.


Tnx Dr Amitabha Dasgupta

Any other friend experiencing the same ? If it's very sever please provide him with injection avil Montair fx Vit c and Zinc Night itching - generally more in case of scabies So I would suggest permethrin 5% once and wash off after 12 hours below neck whole body application, followed by a repeat next week Tab albendazole400 Tab ivermectin12 Calamine lotion

@Ananya Singh i suggested him permethrin soap and creams used for 2 days still not subsidies

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ACD.. Contact Dermatitis..?

Thanks doctor

? Scabies + Tinea

Looks like Tinea Corporis with Scabetic lesions.

SCABIES? Tinea(Fungal) ?? 1st take antiscabies tt then after 2 to 3 days start antifungal tt if not relief.

@ lichen planus

Consider Tinea, scabies

ACD Hydrocortisone 10 Calamine lotion Levocetrizine