A 28 year old male with left chest pain which on examination seems to be pleuritic origin. Interpret his ecg.



Hyperacute T wave in v2 v3 No R wave in v1 v2 I think Myopericarditis is likely because V3 to v6 is show Earl repolarization changes.

LBBB with ?Hyperkalemia

St segment coving up v2-v4. Should rule out myocarditis /pericarditis

Septal and lateral ischemia

Septal infarction, and lateral wall ischemia.

dr.d.vijayakumar Gen physician and surgeon R/o Lateral wall and septal Íschemia.

Hypreacute Twave V2,V3.likely septal infarction.Repeat ECG & COMpare with previous.Also do Serum Potassium level TRO hyperkalemia. Cardiac enzymes will also in arriving in diagnosis.

Hyper acute Septal infarct

Mam pls provide complete pic of ecg some leads are missing

Agree with Dr iliyas sheikh.

Thanks Dr Ved sharma.

Stemi Incomplete lbbb rbbb 2 decho tropi& t Angiography angioplasty

Looka like myopericarditis

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