A 28 year old male with left chest pain which on examination seems to be pleuritic origin. Interpret his ecg.



Hyperacute T wave in v2 v3 No R wave in v1 v2 I think Myopericarditis is likely because V3 to v6 is show Earl repolarization changes.

LBBB with ?Hyperkalemia

St segment coving up v2-v4. Should rule out myocarditis /pericarditis

Hypreacute Twave V2,V3.likely septal infarction.Repeat ECG & COMpare with previous.Also do Serum Potassium level TRO hyperkalemia. Cardiac enzymes will also in arriving in diagnosis.

Septal infarction, and lateral wall ischemia.

dr.d.vijayakumar Gen physician and surgeon R/o Lateral wall and septal Íschemia.

Rule out myocarditis.. Rule out septal infarct

Myopericarditis with pvc n hyperkalemia

Vpcs are in v2,v3 otherwise WNL


Agree with Dr iliyas sheikh.

Thanks Dr Ved sharma.

Hyper acute Septal infarct

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