A 28 years female patient with complaints of neck pain radiating up to arm. no other history. please diagnose and suggest management




I think there is some muscle spasm There is loss of lordosis if the cervical spine. If the pain is radiating down the elbow then it is cervical pain. If not there could be problem in the ACJ scapula or in the shoukder joint also.

Loss of cervical lordosis. 5th cervical disc space is reduced with maintained endplates. Cervical spondylosis.

Loss of cervical lordosis c reduced disc space C5C6.IFT, Isometric neck exercise,U/S therapy of neck muscles, Intermittent neck traction.Tab Pregabalin+ Methylcobalamine (75 mg+750 mcg) BD,Tab Flupirtine 100 mg BD to continue.

Loss of lordotic curves. Osteophytes at multiple levels with reduced joint space.cervical spondylosis IFT/Tens with Ultrasonic therapy Isometric neck exercises Cervical pillow Advice proper Neck posture and ergonomics.

Loss of cervical lordosis. 5th cervical disc space.is reduced with maintained endplates. Cervical spondyloss.

Osteoporosis. Loss of C curve of cervical spines . MRI cervical spines . serum calcium alkaline phosphatase etc Review

Reduced cervical spine lordosis.oseophytesspondylosis.

Cervical spondylosis dd radiculopathy dd Spondylitis dd torticollis

frist tell me its bilatral arm pain or unilatral arm pain rediate ? if its unilatral then manual traction with neural mobilization which reduced pain and after try to core muscle stregthening which helps a lot and home adiviced for potural control exercise and in supine poation just behind neck to give tennish ball and just do isometric exercise which more helpfull

Loss of lordosis. Consult a expert Physiotherapist. They will prescribe some modality and suitable physiotheraputic exercises E.g. Stretching Strengthening. Some special techniques. MFR mobilization. And isometrics.

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