A 28yrs married lady with primary infertility since 5 yrs. She has undergone tubal surgery ( open) 3 yrs back.( documents not found). Please comment on her latest HSG


Uterus is bicornuate. Spillage is clear on right side and vivid on left sidel. HSG shows a bi cornuate uterus with patent tube on right side and ?? doubtful patency/ partial tubal blockage on left side.

Partial bicornuate uterus with spill pocket on right probably adhesions, LFT no spill.

- Uterus Arcuate - bilateral cornual block

Arcuate uterus.. billateral blocked tubes

Bicornuate ut with bil tubal block

Bicornuate uterus with intact spill via right tube and no spill on the left..3D USG / MRI can help confirm that it's bicornuate and not septate !

Arcuate type of uterine cavity. Both fallopian tubes normal. Pocketed spilling right. No spilling left.

Arcuate type of uterus , pocketed (restricted) spill is seen on rt side , no spill is seen on left side.

Bicornuate uterus with spill present on right side .it means right tube is patent

Left tube not seen. On right side tube I seen with dilated end ? Blocked end

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