Iron deficiency or something thing else

A 29 y oldgirl unmarried.. Clinically normal no symptoms other other than mild occasional giddiness. Gets her self tested for her which is 6.9 So she visits a doctor nearby and gets few more tests. GBP Anisocytosis ++ Microcytic hypochromic RBCs Her sr ferritin is 1.20 Sr Iron is 8.00 TIBC IS 414 Transferring Saturation is 1.93 Sr ERYTHEROPOIETIN is 86.10 Please comment on the levels and treatment.



This seems to be a very common Iron deficiency anemia.... but is it so.. ? Bcz this girl belongs to a middle class well ed family. She is CA her self. What can be done to increase the Iron absorption and which Iron forms are the best.. Please Guide.

Appears to be a case of severe iron deficiency anaemia. Needs urgent further evaluation to find out specific cause concurrent with specific treatment.

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