A 29 year Female pt presented with Swelling in right half of the neck and occasional onset of palpitations since 2 years. Pt was taking allopathic treatment from various experts but not got significant relief. Thyroid profile and USG Neck was advised to ruleout current condition. Reports enclosed. Kindly go with the case thoroughly and advise best probable treatment in Ayurveda/Homeopathy. Please share your experience also in such cases if any. @Dr. Hemant Adhikari sir @Dr. Niranjan Ram sir @Dr. M V Subramanyam sir @Dr. P. G. Shah sir @Dr. Pushkar Rai sir



Jalkumbi Leaves juice 10 ml tds (BHU done trial found very good results on Goiter )and Kanchanar gugglu 4 tab tds Pathya apathya should be taken care Review after 3 months

agree....jalkumbhi nd shigru both hv vry good result......

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colloid goiter is a benign enlargement of thyroid.........in dis condition surgery is a option in a cosmetic way. some time with dis enlargment we can see hyoerthyrodism bt in reports we can see TSH T3 T 4 are normal... nd if no pain..no horsness of voice no any other relevent sym. of hyperthyrodism are there then dnt go for surgery....u can use shigru patra kwath or shigru cap. varunaadi kashayam kanchnaar gugglu at least for 6 mnth add iodine items in diet like nuts,garlic,fish,drum sticks etc...... can also do swedana with salt nd do some yoga bhujangaasan...halasan nd shalbha aasan....it all vl help ur pt.

Thank u madam for your valuable advise

Colloid Goitre. Homeopathy offers best remedies for that. Few important are below. *iodum. *Nat mur. *phos. *lachesis. *thyriodinum. Etc. An individualisation is necessary before prescribing one. Thanks.

Thank you sir

If patient can afford then advice for Surgical Management of this benign enlargement... Otherwise Kanchanar Guggulu Vriddhi Vadhika Vati Cap Cruel are choice of drugs... As @Dr. Devender Kamboj and @Dr. Aman Munjal ma'am explained it nicely....

Sir! Please treat with Ayurvedic medicines as a first line of treatment! And keep surgery as a second option. I don't think your patient require surgery it can be treat with Ayurvedic medicines.

It is GALGANDA as per ayurveda Kapha vat and meda dushti Kanchanar guggulu Triphala guggulu Varunadi kwath Arogyavardhini Galagandnashak lepa Ujjayi pranayam Singhmudra Anulom vilom

Colloid goiter Rx Kanchnaar guggulu 2bd Arovyavardhini vati 2bd Sanshamani vati 2bd Shothhar lepa( charak sutra ) Jalkumbhi swaras 20ml bd Sos agnikarma can do

Alpa maatraa Raktamokshan with Leech may be tried to release some superficial Doshas and to enhance local blood supply. Growth size seems to be significant and so Medium type Vaman should be tried to release saturated Kapha. Then try above listed medicine advised by various Vaidyas

Good approach. Thanks sir

@Dr. Ashish Tiwari ashish-agree with Dr aman munjal. Nice elaboration mam

Non toxic colloidal goitre cut down on cruciferous fruits veg.soy white rice reduce weight

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