A 30 ur female pt In 2012 mass in small intestine (NET neuroendocrine tumor ) Excision of mass done At present abdomen discomfort please expert opinion management prognosis

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In NET there is a role for debulking surgery. The rectal and mesenteric deposits need to be excised. This should then be followed up with PRRT (hynic toc /dotatate therapy). After this, pt can be kept on LAR sandostatin till progression f/b everolimus f/b streptozotocin

PRRT continue at tata hospital Bombay

Also, please let us know the HPR. If well differentiated NET, then the above treatment works. If it's MANEC or Neuroendocrine carcinoma, she will need cis eto and sx will be a waste in NEC as the prognosis is very poor

Thanks sir

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Radiation therapy possible?

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